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Getting To Know Arowana Fish

The characteristics of arowana fish are typical to be 1 of 3 factors that determine the price. Know all three before deciding to buy arowana fish.

According to Setuppost, arowana is a freshwater bony fish of the Osteoglossidae family that has existed since the Cretaceous (Cretaceous), the last period of the Mesozoic era (252-65 million years ago). So, arowana fish can be categorized as ancient fish.

The population and distribution of arowana fish are found in various parts of the world, from South America, from South America, Africa, Asia, and even Australia. Arowana fish that is widely available in Indonesia is included in the category of Asian arowana that has its own characteristics.

Arowana Fish Prices

Arowana fish is one of the most popular freshwater fish species, including for cultivation because of its high economic value is varied. The price of arowana fish depends on the type, size, and characteristics that are the main attraction.

Characteristics Of Arwan Fish

The distinctive features of Asian arowana fish include its long body shape, the location of the anal fin far behind the body, and generally silver in color. Asian arowana fish, often associated with Dragon mythology in the tradition of Chinese society so often referred to as “dragon fish”. Read Also: loneliness and Betta fish farming types of arowana fish arowana fish are traded.

However, there are some types of these fish that are fairly rare and protected. The following are the types of arowana fish in Indonesia and their price range, quoted from the website of the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of the Republic of Indonesia and several other references. 1. Arowana Super Red arowana Super Red Fish are found in Borneo, especially in West Kalimantan. The general characteristics are the red color of the fins, lips, and tentacles, when young.

Towards adulthood, the red color will also appear on various other body parts so that the body of the fish will look striking but beautiful. Arowana Super Red Fish variants are grouped into several varieties, including blood red (Blood Red), red chili (Chili Red), and red Orange (Orange Red).

Arowana Super Red fish prices vary, between 2 million to nearly 50 million, depending on the type, size, and other factors. 2. Arowana Banjar as the name suggests, this type of arowana Banjar fish lives in the South Kalimantan region, especially in Banjarmasin. This fish has the impression of red color but not as firm as Arowana Super Red. The most prominent feature of Banjar Arowana fish is its orange fins and yellowish tail.

Banjar Arowana fish can reach a length of up to 90 cm so that it takes a place that is wide enough to maintain or cultivate it so that this attractive fish can move freely. The price of Banjar Arowana fish is estimated at around Rp2 million. 3. Papuan arowana Papuan Arowana fish or also known as Arowana Jardini lives in the waters of Papua to Australia. This type of arowana fish that can grow up to 90 cm long and weigh up to 17 kg has a golden yellow color but not too striking.

The main characteristics of the Papuan Arowana fish physique are its brownish-black basic body with golden yellow spots, even up to the head to the fins and tail.

The price of this type of fish is around Rp4 million. 4. Arowana Golden Pino Arowana Golden Pino fish which is often referred to as Green Arowana or Green Arowana is spread in various countries in Southeast Asia, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Myanmar, Vietnam, to Cambodia. The uniqueness that characterizes the Golden Pino Arowana fish is its color that looks like a combination of yellow, gold, and green.

Another striking physical feature is seen in the head that is larger than other types of Asian arowana fish. The price of arowana Golden Pino fish is around Rp4 million. 5. Arowana Red Tail Golden This type of Asian arowana fish is also known as a golden Red arowana or RTG Arowana which can be found in the waters of Riau and several regions on other Sumatra islands.

In its natural habitat, the Red Tail Golden arowana is very aggressive so it is quite difficult to catch. RTG is one of the varieties of arowana Golden, but slightly different from the Cross Back Golden (CBG) commonly found in coastal Malaysia. RTG arowana fish is often called Indonesian Golden Arowana. A distinctive feature of RTG fish is its color alloy consisting of green, blue, and golden yellow, as well as a slight shade of red. The cheapest price of this type of fish is IDR 2 million, but it can be more expensive depending on the size and color combination.