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Successful People and Their Reading Habits

Successful People and Their Reading Habits

How much time do you spend reading a book in a day? How many books can you read in a year?

There are similarities in habits or hobbies that we can find in successful people, namely reading. The number of books they managed to finish was unmitigated, dozens, even hundreds of books in a year.

Reading for them is sometimes not just to dig up new information or fill their spare time, but more than that.

So, who are they?

1. Oprah Winfrey

This television talk show reader makes the habit of reading books his path to personal freedom. Oprah's childhood and youth were very hard, so it's no wonder that books are Oprah's escape to get out of her life for a while. “I learned to read at the age of 3 and soon discovered there was a world beyond our fields in Mississippi to be conquered.”

How many books can Oprah devour in a day? There is no clear record of this, but Oprah included a segment of Oprah's Books Club on The Oprah Winfrey Show, which selects one book each week for discussion with the audience. This segment has been on the air for fifteen years, so just imagine how many books Oprah has read and discussed on this talk show alone.

Oprah is also one of a number of world leaders who still follow the "Five Hour Rule". This rule was popularized by Benjamin Franklin, namely by setting aside at least one hour a day or five hours per week to read a book.

2. David Rubenstein

The multimillionaire who is one of the founders of the equity firm The Carlyle Group is not half-hearted in reading. He finished at least six books a week and eight newspapers a day. Wow!

This reading habit certainly requires an extraordinary ability to focus, even though as an entrepreneur, of course, there are many other things that also demand his attention.

3. Phil Knight

The NIKE founder has a secret library in a private room in his office, so he can sneak in at any time to read. One had to put away their shoes on the shelves before they could enter the library.

Phil retired in 2004, but when a Times reporter asked if the library still existed, he emphatically replied, “Of course it does. I'm still learning.”

4. Elon Musk

What is the Tesla CEO's favorite genre? Science fiction. Of course. When he was young, it was reported that Musk could spend up to 10 hours a day reading sci-fi novels. From there Musk also got ideas for Tesla products, especially about rockets.

5. Bill Gates

The founder of Microsoft also implemented the "5 Hour Rule". In fact, if you do the math, Gates actually spends more time than that rule. In a year, Gates could read fifty books or at least one book a day.

His favorite books are non-fiction on public health, disease, engineering, business, and science. But occasionally Gates also likes to read novels to relax, but the novels he chooses are the ones that give him more interest in learning about the world he lives in.

6. Warren Buffet

Bill Gates' friend is reportedly spending five to six hours per day reading five newspapers. He also combed through about five hundred pages of financial documents and advised potential investors to do the same.

Why? “That's how knowledge works,” he once said while giving a lecture on investing at Columbia University. The way it works is the same as flowering flowers. However, while this technique is great for sharpening investment skills, Buffett believes not everyone is willing and able to spend hours reading newspapers or financial documents like he does.

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